Last Kings Store Grand Opening


The Last Kings flagship store is having it’s grand opening on Saturday, February 22, 2014 at 12PM Noon. Come to the grand opening at 7829 Melrose Ave and meet Tyga.

  • Alex Kappler

    Wow asking if I could go. Love tyga! He amazing at rapping and he got a great clothing line
    #tyga #lastkings #tygathebomb

  • edithlovestyga

    Wish I could go but I live in Az smh all bad :c

  • Julien Hicks

    wish i could go but i just moved from cali to texas but hen i make my comeback ill hit up your store cause we are last kings in this bitch peace out T-Raww

  • Chyna Lk Stevenson

    I love u boo

  • angel

    fuck im going fuck school im going

  • Petitot

    TYGA I like your way of rapper I like everything to you and on quite your mark of garment(LASTKINGS)

  • Stephanie Juville L. Gonzales

    I so love this guy. The way he raps is really amazing! And knowing that he is also Asian like me, it makes me feel proud. Keep it up! – A fan from the Philippines.

  • Erik Brainwash

    We wait you in Russia :( Where are your shops in Russia ?:(

  • Marlon Zelaya

    You should open a new store on New Orleans Louisiana because they love you over here

  • Cindy

    I hope Tyga dies. He’s such a bitch. His music is trash. Fuck him and his garbage clothing line. It’s a Versace rip off. Tyga is so fucking unoriginal.

    • Kevin Andrew

      Spezial Track for cindy bitch betta have my money ^_^

  • saskeia

    tyga i love you sooooo much everything you do is amazing my cuboard is full with your clothes u r amazing keep it up

  • Kevin Andrew

    Imma go there its the best what tyga did for us so join ladys and gents if u r a real fan of tyga like me kevin join me on soundcloud kevin Andrew best tracks of tyga on playlist stay tuned stay tyga

  • Kevin Andrew

    All day tyga 24/7 TYGA TYGA MAAAN

  • Soelene Maria Motta Cunha

    friend the last king gave that shirt this model?

  • aasish Sharma

    You r too amazing while rapping. The way you rap made me fan

  • Kindra Hart

    i don’t want to sound like one of them crazy fan-girls but he is amazing his music is inspirational I love it!

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