Revolt TV Interview

Watch the Tyga’s interview with Revolt TV.

  • hamed taheri

    this massage is only for tyga not another :
    hi tyga im a dj and raper from iran . I wanna you listen to my beat
    mybe you like it . if you wanted that I make beat for you chat to me and tell that you want . good luck Michel .
    dj ht

  • Cindy

    I hope Tyga dies in a car crash.

    • Angel Clark

      That makes no sense honestly what u said…. It doesn’t matter if ur not a big fan of him…but u don’t have 2 say terrible things like dat :(((

  • fuckyoutyga

    tyga is a wanker ass loser piece of shit. FUCK YOU TYGA. You should be sucking SIR Paul McCartney’s dick not kicking him out of parties you hoodrat BITCH.

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